Anthony's Qualifications & Membership of Professional Societies

BTheol, MRA, DD, DSLitt, OSL, Qualified Nurse, DNCert, Queen's Nurse, FRCN, FCMI, FIHM*

*BTheol = Bachelor of Theology in Applied Theology, MRA= Master of Religous Arts in Applied Theology, DD = Doctor of Divinity,  DS.Litt = Doctor of Sacred Literature, OSL = Compannion, Order of St. Leonard, Qualified Nurse = formally a Registered General Nurse but not now practicing, DNCert = District Nursing Certificate (Panel of Assessors for District Nurse Education), Queen's Nurse, = Certificate of District Nursing of the Queen's Nursing Institute, FRCN = Fellow, Royal College of Nursing, FCMI = Fellow, Chartered Management Institute, FIHM = Fellow, Institute Healthcare Management.

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