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Anthony Carr Sermon Prompts

As the title suggests the aim of these sermon prompts is to 'cause somebody to act: to make someone decide what to do: to cause something to happen.'

This material is suitable for developing into sermons or subjects for Bible study. There will be a variety of subject matter available in the future and will show a range of subjects. Some will be controversial like the paper on Gethsemane and the writer welcomes comment on such subjects.

The series on the Seven Churches of the Revelation contains the detailed history of each city together with several photographs of the ruins and other apsects of its past.

The list will be added to over the coming months and I trust the reader will be blessed and instructed and as Scripture encourages us to “"Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (NKJV) 2 Tim 2:15 As the KJV puts it, "Study to show yourselves approved unto God..."

Preachers should feel free to use this material for preaching and also if publishing in a local weekly Church news bulletin. If it is desired to publish an article more extensively then sending me an e-mail first explaining how it is to be used would be courteous.

The first two subjects are not sermon material but relate to weddings held in Wren's Cathedral. In the first publication we offer part four of the book, “The Wedding Ceremony in Wren’s Cathedral” here on this web site. It lays out a wide choice of words couples are offered, so that when the marriage takes place, the service is unique to them. The words were gathered from many parts of the world as well as from different Christian denominations. Ministers should feel free to use them as they wish. The second publication, "Choice of Hymns, readings, poems and music for weddings in Wren's Cathedral," offers suggested hymns and songs, readings and poems and a variety of organ music. However, this list is not inclusive.


To be kept informed of future papers please e-mail with your name to:

Adobe PDF File

Wedding Words for marriage service


  This contents of this section are taken from a larger book prepared for those families wishing to have a marriage service at Wren's Cathedral, Wroxall Abbey, Warwickshire.
Adobe PDF FileAdobe PDF File Choice of hymns, readings, poems, readings and organ music   Choice of hymns, readings, poems and music in preparation for marriage at Wren's Cathedral, Worxall Abbey Warwickshire
Adobe PDF File Christ our victory   Jesus can victory into our lives by the fact that he died and rose again for us and that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us
Adobe PDF File Repentence   The most important subject to be preached. Jesus gave the command to do so.
Adobe PDF File Christ as Prophet   Christ a greater prophet than Moses
Adobe PDF File New Year's Resolutions   How to make a New Year's Resolution to work
 Adobe PDF File Outline of 39 Books Old Testament   Each book is briefly outlined with date of writing, to whom it is wrttien, the purpose of writing and an outline of the main themes of the Book.
  Outline of 27 Books New Testament   Each book is briefly outlined with date of writing, to whom it is wrttien, the purpose of writing and an outline of the main themes of the Book.
  12 Old Testament Sermon Outlines   The following 12 sermon notes below help to provoke thought and help prepare a fuller sermon
Adobe PDF File 1. Ruth - Commitment   The greatest story of personal commitment found in the Bible
Adobe PDF File 2. Revival - Elijah  

Elijah Shows through his preparing the sacrifice before the prophets of Baal the secrets of revival

Adobe PDF File 3. Forgiveness in adversity  

A great story of Joseph who decided that every adversity in his life was to prepare him for greatness in the service of his adopted country. Seeing God’s hand on his life he was able at every stage to forgive people irrespective of their crime against him

Adobe PDF File 4. Walking, sitting, standing - Psalm 1   A meditation on Psalm 1
Adobe PDF File 5. The guilty reprieved   Zechariah a picture of a guilty sinner before God for judgement
Adobe PDF File 6. From Cheat to leader of a nation   Jacob has a life changing experience
Adobe PDF File 7. The Suffering Servant  

The Suffering Servant - A meditation before Communion or Good Friday

Adobe PDF File 8. How to be a person doing exploits   The life of Daniel
Adobe PDF File 9. The Jethro Principle   Management principle of when dealing with people in organisations
Adobe PDF File 10. Total confidence in God   Meditation on Psalm 23
Adobe PDF File 11. Tithing - An Old Testament Principle   Is the principle of tithing applicable today? What does the New Testament say if anything!
Adobe PDF File 12. The Acts of Jonah  

The challenge of God's call upon the life

  12 New Testament Sermon Outlines   The following 12 sermon notes below help to provoke thought and help prepare a fuller sermon
Adobe PDF File 1. Jesus the Son.   Short sermon outline on Jesus the Son
Adobe PDF File 2. Resurrection of Christ   Exploring the fact of Christ's resurrection from the dead
Adobe PDF File 3. The Holy Spirit   The doctrine of the Holy Spirit, the third co-equal Person of the Trinity
Adobe PDF File 4. Prostitute restored   The story of the woman at the well. John ch. 4
Adobe PDF File 5. God the Father (1)   Part 1 of 2 outline sermons on the subject God the Father
Adobe PDF File 6. God the Father (2)   Part 2 outline sermon on the subject God the Father
Adobe PDF File 7. The Virgin Mary  

Scriptural position of the Virgin Mary

Adobe PDF File 8. Do not Worry   Being at peace is a longing everyone has in their spirit
Adobe PDF File 9. What is man?   Why are we here and what is our purpose in life?
Adobe PDF File 10. Faith   For many people faith is like jelly; how can I grasp it and how can I operate faith in my daily life?
Adobe PDF File 11. Revelation   A Christian begins life by revelation by the Holy Spirit and needs to continue in revelation.
Adobe PDF File 12. Behaviour in Marriage   The greatest stress most people will experience is within the marriage bond. These notes explores love in its various aspects.
Adobe PDF File Can a Christian be demon possessed?  

A paper published in the magazine Direction in September 1993.


Adobe PDF File Pentecost   The Day of Pentecost - The Extraordinary events of Acts 2
Adobe PDF File      
  Introduction to John's Gospel   To many Christians the Gospel of St. John is the most prized and cherished books of the New Testament. Someone once said that John wrote the most simplest of Greek in the whole of the NT yet the Holy Spirit took it and changed it into the most beautiful book ever written!
Adobe PDF File John Chapter 4:3-30 & 39-42 Woman at the well   The Woman at the Well. Why did the Samaritains and the Jews not get on with each other?. Discover their secret.
  Gethsemane-The Real Story   For hundreds of years theologians and preachers have indicated that Jesus hesitated going to the cross in the Garden of Gethsemane. What was the real story?
  PDF History & Development of Holy Communion   This paper is a study of the history subsequent development of the theology of the Lord's Table.
PDF Turning Vision into Reality   Many leaders have had vision but how to turn it into reality-Now that is the question!
PDF   The Deity of Christ   Many Cults deny that Jesus was God. This paper points to both Old and New Teastaments to prove that Jesus was Very God.
  The Book of Revelation  

Revelation has always held a fascination for me. Little did I realise that one day I would visit the seven sites of the Churches of Revelation not once but twice. There are my findings.

PDF The Book of the Revelation. Introduction   The following are a series of papers look in depth at the seven Churches described in the Book of Revelation. The author has visited the sites of these Churches twice and has added his experiences to the descriptions.
PDF Introducing the Seven Churches of Revelation   This short paper gives an overview of the seven Churches written to by John from the Isle of Patmos
PDF The Church at Ephesus 1   Ephesus the most splendorous City in Aisa. Read about its history and commentary on Rev 2:1-7
PDF The Church at Smyrna 2   Symrna was the frist city to have planned road system.History and commentary on Rev 2:8-11
PDF The Church at Pergamum 3   Pergamum discovered parchment. History and commentary Rev 2:12-17
PDF The Church at Thyatira4   Thyatira was a city of many trades. History and CommentaryRev 2:18-28
PDF The Church at Sardis 5   Sardis the centre of Jewish worship. Known for impregnable fortifications yet was successfully invaded twice because of incompetence. Rev 3:1-6
PDF The Church at Philadelphia 6   Philadelphia the City with the Open Door. Rev 3:7-13
PDF The Church at Laodicea 7   he city that offered medical treatment. It's Christians were very wealthy and sterile spiritually. Rev 3:14-22


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