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Anthony Carr took the first examination for the new National Certificate in District Nursing in 1960 having number 4 on his certificate. Fifteen years later he was appointed  chairman of a working party that considered a radical new educational and training approach to District Nursing but keeping the same qualification. The Report was titled, "The Training and Education of the District Nurse SRN/RGN” was published in 1978 and following extensive Department of Health discussions with health authorities throughout the United Kingdom, its recommendations were put into action in the 1980. Essentially the education component was transferred from undergraduate schools of nursing to colleges of higher education and universities. For this work and other achievements the Royal College of Nursing in 1984 awarded him a Fellowship of the College.
The Fellowship is a rare honour with less than 200 nurses so honoured out of a membership of approximately 4000,000 (2010).

Citation of the Royal College of Nursing
12th September 1984

Anthony Carr's contribution to the advancement of the art and science of nursing has been a personal and unique one, especially within the context of primary health care, where his achievements can be particularly seen in the education and training of District Nurses. He has had a leading hand in shaping the present structure of this service and enabling its practitioners to be competent to practice independently, frequently in circumstances where they are isolated from the support of nursing colleagues.

Following qualification as a nurse in 1954, Anthony Carr obtained the National District Nursing Certificate and became a Queen's Nurse, both in 1960. Throughout his professional nursing career, he has championed the principle that nurses should be properly prepared for the specific work they are expected to undertake. He put this belief into action during his tenure, from 1967 to 1969, as Principal of the William Rathbone Staff College in Liverpool. Here his pioneering work in facilitating the creation of a management training programme for nurses working in the community services came just at a time when major changes were being introduced into the structure of nursing management.

Anthony Carr's commitment to nursing education was amply demonstrated in his skilful chairmanship of the Working Party on the Education and Training of District Nurses in 1976, and the Working Party on the Education and Training in District Nursing for the State Enrolled Nurse in 1980. This work culminated in the production of a new model curriculum based upon the nursing process, together with a teaching programme designed to prepare staff for an extending role capable of meeting the present and future challenges of primary health care. Following this achievement, he served as a member of the Panel of Assessors for District Nurse Training from 1979 to 1983, and as Deputy Chairman of its Education Committee. He was elected a member of the District Nursing Joint Committee of the United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting, and also a member of the English National Board in 1983.

Anthony Carr has long been active in College life, serving several terms as a Council member and acting as Founder Chairman of the RCN's Regional, Area and District Nursing Officers Group from 1977 to 1981. Since 1972, he has been Area Nursing Officer, and now Chief Nursing Officer, of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Health Authority. Throughout this time, and in addition to the demands of his very senior role in nursing management, he has always been prepared to participate in and contribute to activities related to the development of primary health care in its widest context. He has great wisdom and experience of this subject, and his gifts as a fluent and persuasive public speaker, as well as his manifold contributions to the nursing literature, have demonstrated his skills at communicating with the profession at all levels. Primary care, and in particular district nursing, as we now know them would not have been the same if it were not for Anthony Carr's vision and industry in carrying through his beliefs.

The Council, therefore has great pleasure in conferring on Anthony John Carr, Fellowship of the Royal College of Nursing.

Signed:President: Dame Sheila Quinn Chairman of Council: Ian Hargreves

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